November Letter from the Director


It’s hard to believe that it is November already. Each school year I am surprised at how quickly the quarters pass. Here at CBGS, we are in our 2nd Nine-Weeks now.

If you are reading this as a current student or parent, I hope you are having a good experience with us; and that you’ll let us know your concerns and kudos (for what works for you.)

But maybe you’re visiting our website to learn more about CBGS. This governor’s school is a robust place of learning for high achieving students from 14 counties. We are proud of what we do and hope you’ll find some information to tell you more.

Some website visitors may be parents or students who might be considering applying – this year or in the future. If that is you, here are some fast facts about our awesome school:

  • CBGS serves 246 students from 14 high schools at 3 sites, in our science & mathematics focused program.
  • Our students attend CBGS in the mornings and ride the bus back to home high schools, for humanities classes in the afternoon. So they can always play sports, be in drama productions, etc., just like their non-governor’s school peers.
  • Being a state governor’s school student (there are 19 around the state of Virginia) shows colleges and employers that the student is motivated and capable. It’s a transcript and resume booster!
  • CBGS provides hands-on learning through a program of field studies. Students travel to various places and spend weekends learning about the Chesapeake Bay watershed.
  • Through an agreement with RCC, our students may earn more than 60 dual enrollment credits while in high school. Many transfer to colleges and allow for tuition savings and other benefits in college years.

Those are really just a sampling of benefits our students enjoy. We hope if you are a potential applicant, you will attend an information session (click here for a list of district sessions about us) or let us know if you’d like to know more.

Enjoy your fall and winter seasons.

All the Best,

Dr. Terri L. Perkins